Ninja (White) - Child's Costume

Product Description

Ninja (not "ninjas") were the ruthless spies of medieval Japan; dangerous, feared by their enemies, and rumored to have magic powers. But though once shunned as villains, ninja are more popular than ever. Now your child can get in on the action in this heroic White Ninja Costume!

4-piece costume includes:

  • Hooded top.
  • Face scarf.
  • Pants.
  • Sash.

Complete the look with any toy weapons of your choice (sold separately) to make your kid the coolest little ninja around:

History and movies tell us that ninjas were bad guys, who were shunned by the samurais, but their skill and cunning have actually made them super cool. And with shows like the "Power Rangers" captivating the minds of our children, it is no surprise that our ninja costume is so popular. It helps that this costume represents the White Ninja, who obviously fights for the forces of good. The costume includes a hooded top, face scarf, pants, and sash. Pair up with some very cool ninja weapons, such as the Shuriken throwing stars, the Bokken, and some nunchucks, and your child will truly be the coolest little ninja around.

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