Werewolf - Adult's Full-Body Halloween Costume

Product Description

Looking for an amazing Halloween costume that will impress any horror buff? Look no further: this truly scary costume is real fright night material!

3-piece costume includes:

  • Werewolf mask with plush fur and realistic resin teeth.
  • Pair of plush fur gloves.
  • Tattered shirt with plush fur.

(We also suggest adding onto the costume with a pair of jeans.)

If you have been invited to a Halloween party, or any other horror-themed event, then you could opt for our amazing Werewolf adult men's Halloween costume. This four piece costume truly is fright night material. It comes with one of three different werewolf masks (choose between silver, brown, or black), with plush fur and realistic resin teeth, a pair of plush fur gloves matching the color of the mask, and a tattered shirt with plush fur. Stick on some jeans, and you will be ready to dodge the silver bullet all night long. Word of warning, this costume is really scary!

$ 39.99 $ 54.99