Victorian Vampiress - Girl's Costume

Product Description

The kid in this children’s Vampire costume roams the earth in search of innocent victims! If he can't find any victims then there's a good chance that he'll settle for some Skittles or Milk Duds. After all, where he comes from, there aren’t any treats! Let your child suit up for Halloween with this frightening but sweet costume. And if he prefers treats to innocent victims then all the better!         

  • VAMPIRE COSTUME for girls.      
  • VERSATILE TWILIGHT COSTUME fits right in for all Halloween Parties, Birthday Parties, costume parties or as dress up costumes to play around with at home.   
  • Costume includes gothic gown with lace-up bodice and flowing insert, and choker with stand-up collar.            
  • Kids Costume Disguise
$ 24.99