St. Patrick's Day Fling Trash Bin (13 Gallons)

Product Description

Perfect for St. Pat's party messes, a St. Patrick's Day Pop-Up Trash Bin adds a stylish touch to your indoor or outdoor party decor! There's no need to hide the trash or use a messy garbage bag when you have this easy-to-use, plastic pop-up bin. Simply pop it open until the inner supports snap — it stands all on its own! The collapsible container features a skirt for extra storage and a drawstring closure for easy disposal after your guests are done with their corned beef and cabbage.

St. Patrick's Day Pop-Up Trash Bin product details:

  • 15in wide x 10in long x 22in tall
  • 13gal capacity
  • Plastic
  • Leak-resistant
  • Drawstring top
  • Reusable
$ 4.99