Rodeo Clown - Child's Complete 9-Piece Costume

Product Description

It's not a rodeo without a clown! This jokester's job is to draw the ire of raging bulls away from the cowboys, all while putting on a spectacle for the audience. Now your child can join in on the wacky antics of the Wild West with our Rodeo Clown costume!

This complete 9-piece costume includes:

  • Shirt with attached rainbow-striped sleeves.
  • Cowboy hat with flower accessory.
  • Baggy pants.
  • Rainbow suspenders.
  • Three bandanas.
  • Pair of boot tops.

(We also recommend adding a pair of gloves and some clown makeup.)

Playing cowboys and Indians is the favorite pastime of many children, and one that has been shown to be particularly good for their cognitive development. However, cowboys aren't just about conquering the Wild West, they are also all about the rodeo. And no rodeo is complete without a rodeo clown, who arguably has the most important job of all: protecting the cowboys from injury. If your children are cowboys and rodeo fans, then our rodeo clown child's costume is perfect for them. It features a shirt with attached sleeves, pants, suspenders, hat, three bandanas, and boot tops. All you need to add are some gloves and makeup.

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