Banana - Child's Costume

Product Description

It's a costume with appeal! Based on that most comedic of fruits, the banana has slid into people's hearts since the silent film era. So slip your child into this costume, and let hilarity ensue!

This light-weight banana-shaped tunic includes a hole for the face, and black arms and legs.

(Warning: may contain trace amounts of Potassium-40.)

The banana is every child's favorite fruit, and with shows like Bananas in Pyjamas gracing our television screens, it is no surprise that every child would love to dress up like a banana as well. Now, with our child banana costume, they can. The light-weight banana-shaped tunic features black arms and legs, and a banana that covers the body of your child, with their head sticking out. It is a hilarious costume that your children will love to wear for fancy dress parties, or even when they simply want to play dress-up. Role play is very important for a child's cognitive development, making this suit even more impressive.

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