Leggy Ladybug - Women's Sexy Costume

Product Description

They may be insects (and ruin our vegetable gardens), but ladybugs get good publicity because of their pretty colors. If you're looking for a costume that's equal parts cute and sexy, don the polka-dot pattern of the ladybird.

Complete 4-piece costume includes:

  • Red-and-black spotted dress.
  • Matching pair of wings.
  • Matching thigh-high stockings.
  • Matching headband with antennae.

Ladybugs are technically creepy crawlies, but in reality, they can be considered as cute and lovable. In some countries, they are considered to be the symbol of peace, combating senseless violence. And although the ladybugs we see in our gardens tend to be males, there is something intricately female about these beautiful insects. Our Leggy Ladybug women's sexy adult costume is a real eye catcher. It is a complete costume, with a red and black spotted dress, wings, red and black spotted thigh high stockings and headband with antennae. Tie your hair up in two side pony tails to complete the look, and you will be the cutest and sexiest ladybug in town.

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