Girl's Gangster Moll Costume - Roaring 20's Gangster Mobster Costume

Product Description
The gangster era of the 1920s was not just about men robbing banks, it was equally about women, who were empowered to join in the men's criminal activities and who also went through somewhat of a fashion revolution, with short dresses and exposed legs, should they choose to become flappers. If you have a daughter who isn't into all the girly, flapper stuff and is more interested in the strong women's movement of that era, then our Gun Moll girl's roaring 20s gangster mobster costume is perfect for her.

The costume includes black pin strip trousers reaching just below the knees, a sleeveless vest with white collar, a green sash belt, and a green tie. Your child could pair this up with some black Mary Jane shoes and a fedora hat.
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