Commando Cutie - Women's Sexy Soldier Costume

Product Description

They say there's nothing quite as sexy as a man in uniform. Prove them wrong, and get in on the action with this sexy women's military costume.

Fight the good fight in this one-piece costume, featuring a dress with short-sleeved button-front camo top, embroidered patch on chest, and attached pleated skirt.

(We also suggest adding onto the costume with the following accessories: black stockings, over-the-knee socks, army boots, patent leather high heels.)

The Commandos are some of the most elite fighters in all elements of the military, and they are really excellent in the art of fighting. While there is something about a man in uniform, there is certainly something about a woman in our sexy military Commando Cutie costume as well. The costume includes a short sleeved dress with button front camo top that has an embroidered patch on the chest. A pleated skirt is attached to it. Pair up with black stockings or over the knee socks and some army boots or sexy patent leather high heels to really complete the sexy look of this costume.

$ 24.95 $ 39.99