Butterfly Fairy - Women's Costume With Wings

Product Description

3-piece costume includes:

  • Minidress with lace-up bodice.
  • Pair of detached sleeves.
  • Pair of butterfly wings.

(Headband and shoes not included.)

Fairies are beautiful, magical creatures, and many children, particularly little girls, truly believe in them. They are also sexy and wonderful, which is why many adult women love to dress up to look like fairies. With our sexy Butterfly Fairy women's costume with wings, they can make their childhood dreams come true, but with an adult touch. This beautiful lavender fairy costume dress comes with sleevelets and wings. It is the perfect Valentine's Day costume, but equally suitable for a Taylor Swift concert, for instance. The costume is truly stunning and you will find yourself looking for opportunities to wear it more often.

$ 32.95 $ 39.99