Adult 80s Black Hat with Long Black Curly Hair

Product Description

Pop-up black hat with attached long black curly hair. Perfect for dressing up as Slash from Guns N' Roses, Micheal Jackson or any hipster from the 80's!

The 1980s, many people say, should be left hidden in the darkest confines of our memories. The hideous hairstyles and fashion are something most of us remember while cringing. Nevertheless, there are times when it is nice to reminisce and laugh about the things we used to do then. This is why our 80s themed parties are so popular and, with our adult 80s black hat with long black curly hair, you will fit right in. The hat will make you look as if you just walked out of a Milli Vanilli video, or that you were a backup dancer at a Michael Jackson show.

$ 7.85