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Spring Celebrations 0

I generally like to shop online, but when I shop in at the party store near me, it is always a pleasant surprise to find so many new items for the holidays or celebrations that are just around the corner.  May has a plethora of opportunities for parties, decorating, and presenting balloon bouquets. 

From Cinco de Mayo to Memorial Day, I count six events to celebrate, and that doesn't even account for the baby showers and bridal showers and bachelorette parties! Cinco de Mayo and Derby Day just passed, and this coming week is National Teacher Week when many families and schools will set up a beautifully decorated table to #ThankATeacher.  In our store, graduation party supplies are tailored so families have access to the colors representing our local schools and include some specialty items (napkins and balloons) with school logos. Those planning a brunch or luncheon can find either Mother's Day party supplies or an array of patterned party supplies that are sure to brighten up the table and make serving and clean up an easy task. And while the newest designs are just starting to come in, soon the Patriotic party supplies will be an easy find throughout the store just in time to plan for Memorial Day!  

So party on, patrons. Party on!  And be sure to stop in and check out the newest patterns as you prepare for your May celebrations.  We love our customers!


Cinco de Mayo 0

Uno, dos, tres, quatro.... cinco - Cinco de Mayo is almost here.  That means it time to start thinking about margaritas and Mexican fare.  This year it falls on a Friday night so we have no excuse to do anything but celebrate!  Party time.  

Whether you dress up to greet your guests wearing a Mexican sombrero and a black mustache or want Cinco de Mayo party supplies to set your table, the local party store is your first stop. There are scene setters, hats, flags, centerpieces, maracas, and tableware. Stop in today to see how to make a most colorful fiesta.

If you're looking for ideas for your Cinco de Mayo party, there's an array of sites online to help you plan. From authentic and traditional to simple, there is something for everyone.  Our Cinco de Mayo party is usually something easy, made special by the party decorations and accessories that we pick up at the party store.  


Graduation Time in our Community 0

Our party store is revving up for the upcoming high school and college graduations that begin in just under a month.  Here's a list of local graduation dates: 

May 16th – Oakton Community College (Des Plaines)
May 21st  -Maine West High School (DesPlaines)
May 27th – Loyola Academy (Wilmette)
May 28th - Niles North High School (Skokie)
May 28th - Niles Township High School (Skokie)
May 28th - Niles West High School (Skokie)
June 4th -  Evanston Township High School (Evanston)
June 4th – New Trier High School (Wilmette)
June 4th – Glenbrook North High School (Northbrook)
June 4th – Glenbrook South High School (Glenview)
June 6th – Regina Dominican High School (Wilmette)
June 11th - Ida Crown Jewish Academy (Skokie)
June 16th – Northwestern University (Evanston)

If you are planning a graduation party, stop in to see our selection of 2017 graduation party supplies, order a customized graduation banner, or check out our selection of balloons and napkins with the school colors and logos for certain local schools.

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  • Pat Markham

April Showers 0

Whether it's for a baby or a bride, April seems to be the beginning of the shower season. Personally I am invited to three during the spring season. Today most folks know the gender of the descendent soon to enter this world, and their baby shower is themed accordingly.  There are also gender reveal parties. We have had a few customers offer to bring in their container and the letter that reveals the gender for the party store to package an "It's a Girl" or an "It's a Boy" balloon bouquet.  

The many themed-parties are an interesting newcomer on the scene. Whether it's the "home opener" for the Chicago Cubs, a reveal party, a baby shower, a bridal shower, or birthday parties to coincide with a specific decade of bye-gone days - you know like the all-too-favorite 60's party theme-  there will be something at the party store to help make it easy for you to host the perfect event. 

In our house, it's hockey and with playoff season upon us, we may wish to put out our Blackhawks napkins.  But in your house it may just be preparing for Easter and looking for the items that help finish your child's basket with colorful eggs, sweets, and small party favors.  

Whatever it is you are planning, please stop by our party store and check out what we have for our customers.  

  • Pat Markham

Greetings Spring Time Party Planners 0

Spring Holy Days and Holidays 0

In the spring our Jewish friends celebrate Passover (April 10-17 this year), our Christian friends celebrate Easter (April 16th this year), and many of us plan brunches and parties for these holy days. We bring family and friends together to honor our faith.  And we are grateful to have the opportunity to do so.  These gatherings help keep us connected to kin and kindred spirits alike.  The traditions are interesting and have withstood the test of time. 

Passover commemorates the freeing Israelites from slavery in Egypt, an event that took place about 1300 BCE. The traditions honored today include a very ritualized seder dinner with special foods, blessings, and prayers. The special Pesach Plate has a place for each of the many items ranging from Charoses, bitter herbs, parsley, lettuce, roasted egg, and shankbone.  At the seder there is a retelling of the ten plagues and the story of Pharoh allowing the Jews to leave Egypt. Passover seders occur on the first two nights of the holy week. 

In similar fashion, Christians have a holy week to commemorate several holy events ranging from Christ's last summer to his crucifixion and ending with services on Easter Sunday to commemorate his resurrection. After services, most families go home to enjoy an Easter Sunday dinner.  Lamb is often served at Easter celebrations and there are several traditional activities that take place on Easter, mostly designed around the children. These include an Easter egg hunt, baskets of goodies left by an Easter bunny, and the consumption of significant amounts of chocolates and other goodies. 

Whether you are celebrating Passover or Easter, looking for spring decor our party store is the place to visit.  Stop in today.

  • Pat Markham