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If you didn't cook out this past weekend, the likelihood is you attended a party where someone did. And surely you noticed that they had paper plates and napkins, disposable service ware and table coverings.  If you don't know why, it's time for YOU to host a party!

Hosting a party can take a bit of planning. You need to know the approximate number of guests to plan for food quantities. And you need to know whether you will need the heavy weight dinner plates when serving, oh let's say, meat - or just lighter weight smaller plates for the grilled veggies and desserts. Will you need serving trays, bowls, oversized tongs and serving forks?  Well, whatever you need, you will be happy to discover that the party store near me has just about anything and everything to make hosting a party easy for you and easy for your guests from start to finish.

Compared to others I know, I am not much of an entertainer, yet I personally hosted at least 4 events since Thanksgiving. I had a mother's day brunch for a group of about 10, I showered my sister and her husband with a small gathering to wish them well on their move across the country, I had friends over for a backyard cookout, and it's only July! Sure, it's not quite one event a month, but an event every couple of months does add up and I couldn't do it without the ease and simplicity offered by a quick trip to the local party store. There I can find an array of colors of disposable cups, seasonally-themed party decorations, plates and napkins, and various serving utensils that mean I don't have to worry about my utensils accidentally ending up in the trash. Trust me, it's happened before.  

And when it comes to making decorating easy, these days I see a trend of using balloons as a backdrop.  It makes sense, they are easy to move around, easy to dispose of afterwards, and offer a pop of color or design that will brighten up a room, a hallway, or entryway.  When tied lower on small weights they can serve as a perfect centerpiece.  Balloon bouquets are so popular and fortunately our party store has many choices, meaning there is sure to be something for everyone!  But perhaps more importantly, our party store has that extra-special touch - staff with the expertise to guide you in deciding how many balloons and weights will make for the best backdrop at your next event.  

Please stop by today and check out everything that our party store in Glenview has to offer. 

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