Movie Themed Kids' Birthday Parties 0

We know that media influences our interests and the same is true for our children. The movies, television shows, and advertising for these movies and television shows influence the themes our kids want for their birthday parties. Disney Animation Studios and Pixar have a success story in releasing the movies that become immediate favorites.

The recent release of Finding Dory was almost followed immediately with requests for the Dory party supplies, just as Frozen generated interest in everything from the Elsa costume to the Frozen birthday party decorations about a year or so ago, and as every Disney Princess movie, Toy Story and Cars have done previously. Disney doesn’t have the only catchy themes. Recently we saw a resurgence of interest in Angry Bird party decorations and the old favorites like superheros, princess Sesame Street, Mario Brothers, Ninja Turtles, never go out of style.  These themed party supplies are not only colorful, they let your birthday boy or girl know that you are tuned into what they like.  If you’re planning a party for a child in the near future, be sure to check our party store in Glenview or online and see what we have to help you make your child’s day special.

Making Memories 0

laserpopprojectorcandyMany years ago my mom began a summer picnic tradition. First it was a day at my parents’ summer place in Indiana. As our family grew, we moved the party to a nearby camp ground and it became a two-day affair.  We continue the two-day tradition today with 50+ adults and children, all relatives on my paternal side, gathering at the home of one of my brothers.  Families begin arriving late morning. As the day progresses so too do the number of pitched tents. Rain or shine we have a good time. My dad and aunt are the patriarch and matriarch.  They sit on the deck at the top of the hill watching the activities below. Throughout the day various kids or adults join them for conversation, refreshments, and laughter.  Those of my generation, our children, and their children provide continuous entertainment for those sitting on the deck. We are busy with our shenanigans on land and water. At my brother’s house there’s a pontoon, wave runner, canoe, and lots of land where everyone can pitch their tents or participate in the games. There’s impromptu and organized game play. Most of the games start mid-day and run throughout the day and evening.  Each family provides food and drinks. Communal grilling and picnic-table dining occur late afternoon followed by more water sports and game play.  The little ones search the stream and lakefront for bull frogs during the day and lightening bugs once it gets dark. Adults compete in baggo tournaments or extreme Frisbee competitions. Kids hold hula hoop contests, play with water balloons, enjoy the sand toys as they build castles or bury each other. As the sun sets, everyone gets out their bug spray, gathers around the fire pit and either sings along with music or listens to one of my brother’s play guitar. Generally it is just a full day of good old fashioned family fun.  There’s usually a birthday or other special event to celebrate.  It is a day where nothing is planned and yet everything has a rhythm to it. This year the weather hindered some of the activities, but certainly not the fun. While we were forced to forego the kids’ games, the Ty Beanie Babies intended as prizes came in handy as a distraction once the children had to move indoors. And when the storms crashed the party and some of the tents, it was the laser pop projector candies that were the hit of the evening as the kids entertained themselves with lips, hearts, aliens and “Ur the Best” illuminations on the bedroom ceiling.  Yep, thanks to a shopping spree at Card & Party Giant, everyone had a great time even while the rain poured down and the winds howled outside.  Family made it special.  The summer party accessories added to the fun!  

Card & Party Giant, a “Giant” of a party supply store 0

tyCard & Party Giant (“the Giant”) is a family-owned business that’s been around for a good long time. It is part of the Glenview community, a treasure now located on north Waukegan Road, but originally founded in 1989 to specialize in party goods and costumes. It’s true the Giant has not been around as long as, oh let’s say, the Glenview House that was built in 1878. Nor is the Giant as old as the Village of Glenview itself which was incorporated in 1899.  But then again, you were more likely to find a dry goods store than a party supply store back before the turn of the last century. We’re here now, and for the past few years the Giant has been located in what was the former Clipper’s Toy Store location, just south of Lake Avenue on the west side of Waukegan Road.  From street view, the size of the store is quite deceiving. It takes a walk inside to get a real sense of the available inventory and just how much space the store has to offer everything from party platters and decorations, balloons and banners, to costumes and accessories. We hope you’ll stop in soon to check out our supply of elegant entertaining items, birthday party supplies, specialty party items from wedding showers to graduation parties, greeting cards (including  Father’s Day cards), costumes, and more, more, more!