I Hear those School Bell Ringing 0

Teacher helping kindergarten children learn how to use computersCard & Party Giant is your local source for party supplies, decorations, balloons, and we are conveniently open 7 days a week to serve you.  Card & Party Giant is also an invested member of its community. Last spring we posted a list of upcoming middle and high school graduation dates; a list we believe was appreciated by our community.  Now, to serve you as schools go back into session, below is a list of when local students begin the 2015-16 school year: Glenbrook North High School (Northbrook)- August 24th – First Day of School (August 21st is Freshman Orientation) Glenbrook South High School (Glenview) – August 24th – First Day of School (August 21st is Freshman Orientation) Glenview Public Schools – District 34 – August 25th – full day of attendance (except kindergarten which has a staggered start on August 26th and 27th) Loyola Academy (Wilmette) - August 25th  - Classes Begin (August 24th is Freshman Orientation) New Trier High School (Wilmette) – August 19th – First Day of Student Attendance Northbrook School District 27 – August 26th – first day of school Northbrook School District 28 – August 25th – first day of school Northbrook/Glenview District 30 – August 26th – first day of school OLPH (Glenview) – August 24th –School Begins (schedule differs for incoming PreK and Kindergarten Students) Regina Dominican High School (Wilmette) – August 20th – First Full Day of School (August 19th – Class of 2019 Orientation) Wilmette Public Schools – District 39 – August 26th ½ day of student attendance Baker Demonstration School (Wilmette) – August 27th – First Day of School We wish everyone in our community a safe and successful 2015-16!

Reflections of Yesteryear 0

granddaughterYesterday was the graduation of our granddaughter’s 8th grade class. The ceremony was attended by close to a thousand spectators who came to see their child, sibling, grandchild, or friend receive the diploma that acknowledges completion of middle school. As I looked across the sea of faces popping from the red graduation gowns, I thought that these 8th graders looked more grown up than I remembered my own children looking at that age. Certainly the young ladies seemed much more grown up than what I remember being at that age. When I returned home I looked at my own 8th grade graduation photos. I was surprised to see that, in fact, I was looking quite “grown up” in my own right. My hair had been styled. I was wearing a fancy dress. My shoes had a small heel and I had on just a touch of makeup – something I am sure my parents did not typically allow for me at 14. I then began comparing our granddaughter’s experience to my own. The commencement ceremonies were quite different. Growing up, I attended a very small school. Our class was less than 100 students. Hers was closer to 500.  Our school had no band, no orchestra. Last night’s ceremony featured the school band playing the Battle Hymn of the Republic and a very moving rendition of “For Good” by the school orchestra. Last night’s audience included family and friends, some donning graduation party accessories – oversized 2015 glasses, red streaks in the hair to show school spirit. Attire ranged from dressy to casual with some dressed in shorts and tee shirts. Back when I graduated, oh so many long years ago, family members put on their Sunday best. That I know for sure. Afterwards the children were talking about getting together at a friend’s homes for sleepovers or sitting around a bonfire. The “formal” graduation parties are scheduled from Friday night to Sunday afternoon.  Back in the late 1960’s we returned home with family members for cake and ice cream. No matter how graduation celebrated, how the program is orchestrated, when the graduation party is held, or how the children or their admirers are attired, the ceremony is for a group of children to march through another stepping stone in life’s journey. They gather one last time with the classmates who sat side by side with them for their years of middle school. As a collective they are given an ovation that acknowledges their completion of 8th grade and a diploma that says they are prepared for high school. And whether the commencement was 20 years ago, 40 years ago or yesterday, it is an occasion that gives parents pause to reflect upon how quickly their child has grown and to ponder how soon this child will be off to college. Parents’ smiles bear the hint of fear of the unknown for what lies ahead for their little one. Their hearts beat a little faster as they silently whisper wishes of success and easy times in their child’s future.  Graduation is the exclamation point of completion of a program.  For 8th grade graduates, it is one of those moments when parents and grandparents reflect and begin to internalize how quickly this child will become an independent adult. Congratulations to all graduates and especially to our lovely granddaughter.

Graduation Party Tips 0

2015 grad dare-to-dream-beverage-napkins-3I must confess, when it comes to ideas for sprucing up a party venue, I would not be the first person you’d come to. If you asked, I’d tell you that for me to have the perfectly decorated party, I call someone like my sister and seek assistance. She has an eye for making a perfect party backdrop that complements the day's photos. She seems to have a magic hat full of tricks and ideas on how to mix and match things to get that perfect fit. But sadly she has a very busy life of her own so I usually have to go it alone. Recently I came across some helpful party tips, and I hope these few that I share here today will come in handy as you prepare for upcoming graduation parties. Using alternative color streams (school colors) and double sided tape you can create a unique palette motif. Streamers also can be used to create a colorful buffet table. You can tape them to the base of vases, bowls, and candle holders. And when you add colorful tablecloths, balloons, and banners, the end result is an artistic array of party decorations sure to enhance all your party photos. Another helpful idea that will guide guests to your front door in the evening is to take a bunch of school color balloons with a glow stick inside in each one and tie them to the railing or outside deck.  Not only are they attractive, the light will help your guests as they come and go in the evening. Yes, graduation season is definitely here. Locally ceremonies are just beginning with college graduations. And from kindergarten to high school, there will be graduation parties, ceremonies and celebrations throughout the month of June. You can show your school spirit and commemorate your graduate’s big day with party decorations to match the school colors. Everything from graduation balloons, streamers, tableware, favors, and banners can be arranged to create a colorful and artistic backdrop for all your grad party photos. And remember, big or little, kids love piñatas. Be sure to visit Card & Party Giant in Glenview to check our selection of tableware colors or special graduation-themed party supplies. This family-owned store is open 7 days a week for the convenience of local shoppers.