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Bookends of Summer 0

patrioticsettingMemorial Day and Labor Day are the unofficial bookends of summer. We open with Patriotic party supplies bought in sufficient quantities to last from Memorial Day through the 4th of July.  Then we move on to our summer party supplies that accentuate picnic and garden tables throughout the season. But how do we prepare for a backyard barbeque over Labor Day weekend? Well, of course, we return to the patriotic party supplies because Labor Day is, after all, a celebration of what America stands for – good old-fashioned pride in our work and our workers. And there is nothing more red, white, and blue than recognizing the blood, sweat and tears shed in building this great country of ours. While it is not known exactly who created Labor Day, it is widely agreed that the day recognizes workers’ contributions to our country, its strength and prosperity.  Labor Day celebrates the labor movement in the United States and was officially recognized as a legal holiday by Congress in the late 1880’s.  Because of the time of year, Labor Day often is the last weekend where one has a pretty fair chance at enjoying weather good enough for a backyard barbeque. As you set your table to entertain your last guests of the summer season, take a moment to thank those whose diligent efforts made our lives easier. With the sweat of their brow they built this country.  With the leadership of an organized labor movement, they prevailed against unfair labor practices, sought to ensure reasonable wages and working hours, creation of safe working environments and protections for injured workers, just to name a few. Let us recognize their efforts as we celebrate on this upcoming three-day unofficial end-of-summer weekend.