Valentine Balloon Bouquets for your Special Someone 0

Valentine's day is just around the corner. Each year, you decorate the house with hearts and maybe throw a special party. You give your sweetheart a bouquet of flowers or box of chocolates.  At the local party store in Glenview, we have some nice alternatives to flowers and chocolates. We have Valentine balloons and delicious fudge! 

The expert staff at the party store can whip us some of the most beautiful balloon bouquets for any occasion.  With years of experience and artistic talents, they can guide any customer with questions about what's best to make the most perfect balloon bouquet. The balloons will last at least as long as any floral arrangement and is easily delivered to home or office for a special touch to your holiday.  



Fall Celebrations 0

As we move into November, there are many opportunities to decorate, celebrate, and enjoy family and friends. My favorite holiday is, of course, Thanksgiving. No gifts. Just family and friends, good food and good times. Sure there may be a hearty debate or a few words minced over the football games, but that's nothing compared to the excitement this country just enjoyed.

For Thanksgiving, you can set your table with fine china and complement the decor with fall holiday designs.  Or go completely untraditional with a football themed decor in the family room where everyone goes off to watch the game, enjoying snacks from their football shaped bowls and NFL napkins.  Now wouldn't that stir things up just a bit? Me, I'm more of a traditional kind of girl. My party theme will be Thanksgiving from the family room to the dining table, from the kitchen counter snacks to dessert.  I like to keep it simple in design and decor. Since we eat in a room with a large bay style window, there will be Thanksgiving decorations on the window and of course, a turkey to greet the guests as they enter.  But other than that, for me it's all about the linens and the food.  We'll have disposable Thanksgiving napkins and plates for appetizers and desserts.  

Whether you're traditional, like to mix things up or are just looking for ways to make the clean up a little easier, the party store has something to help you look your best this Thanksgiving.

Did someone say Halloween 0

f you're like me, once you hear "October," you think "Halloween."  Can't help it. As soon as the temps start to change, the days get shorter, and the trees begin to show their fall colors, my mind is already on getting ready for Halloween. There are costume ideas to consider.  The party store has dozens and dozens of costumes to select from and even more costume accessories to explore.  And new inventory keeps on coming as the party store gets ready for the early bird shopper and the last minute shopper.  


This year's Halloween decorations range from down right frightening to the adorable. There are several cute ideas for classrooms and homes where small children reside.  Pumpkins and fall decor come in a variety of price ranges, quality and quantities.  There's even an entire selection of tableware just for the occasion.  

So if you're thinking Halloween, check out the party store in Glenview. We are sure to have something you want!


Halloween is in the House 0

We know it's almost time for Halloween. There are carmel apples and packaged treats in the grocery store.  Random pop-up Halloween stores dot the local horizon. Television commercials remind us to stock up and get our costumes ready.  And, here at the local party store - the one that's served the community not just for Halloween, but all year long, we're ready too. 

Our party store has everything you need for Halloween. We have costumes - online and in the store - and there is a great selection.  We have wigs, swords, knives, and all kinds of costume accessories.  There are masks - traditional and new patterns, faces and designs to represent the current political season, recent popular movie characters, and themes that are currently popular.

Whether it is scary, sweet, or sexy - we've got the costume and costume accessories to suit your taste.  If you don't see what you're looking for, just ask one of our friendly sales staff to point you in the right direction or help you find the best ideas for your Halloween costume.


Autumn Patterns 0

Fall is here and so are the autumn patterns.  There are patterns to our weather in this season that let us sleep soundly with windows open, gently rocked by the cool breezes.  And autumn patterns show up ion our drives down Main Street when the fall colors dance overhead. The tree canopy changes in autumn to a true work of art. And autumn patterns show up in our gardens where fall foliage like mums take over the spring and summer blooms.  And in the party store, autumn patterns are on the shelves. There are plates and napkins,  wreaths and centerpieces in the array of colors we think of as representing fall.  We move away from the bright summer shades of pink and yellow or patriotic patterns used for the summer holidays and into the deep reds and orange and brown and yellows that resemble the trees outside.  And, then of course, there are the football patterns that we also associate with fall! 

By Thanksgiving we in the Midwest may have snow on the ground. It is not unheard of. But on our table will be the autumn patterns - the lush fall colors that make a house feel like a home. The colors make us think of soup on the stove, turkey in the oven, and hot apple cider.  

Enjoy autumn and all the autumn patterns because in the blink of an eye it will pass.  

Your Halloween Store 0

Halloween is just a little more than a month away and we're getting ready at the party store.  We know that each year children, young adults, and even older adults (who might otherwise behave in a fairly mature manner throughout the rest of the year) are caught up in the spirit of Halloween. For weeks they plan their Halloween costumes, look for all the best parties, add Halloween decorations to their windows, buy lots of candy, and generally get ready for the holiday that seems to often be accompanied by an atmosphere of reckless abandon.  After all, it is All Hallows' Eve!

Our party store has a tremendous selection of clearance costumes that you won't find anywhere else.  Throughout the year these items are often selected for theatre or dance. But come Halloween, it's all about the dress up!  From the sexy to the sweet, from the scary to the angelic, there's a costume or set of costume accessories for everyone. These accessories are perfect for the DIY'ers who want to be daring and creative with their designs. Whether it's a wig or a hat, a mask or make up, our  party store has it. 

Stop in or shop on line to get all the best ideas to prepare you for Halloween.