Your Halloween Store 0

Halloween is just a little more than a month away and we're getting ready at the party store.  We know that each year children, young adults, and even older adults (who might otherwise behave in a fairly mature manner throughout the rest of the year) are caught up in the spirit of Halloween. For weeks they plan their Halloween costumes, look for all the best parties, add Halloween decorations to their windows, buy lots of candy, and generally get ready for the holiday that seems to often be accompanied by an atmosphere of reckless abandon.  After all, it is All Hallows' Eve!

Our party store has a tremendous selection of clearance costumes that you won't find anywhere else.  Throughout the year these items are often selected for theatre or dance. But come Halloween, it's all about the dress up!  From the sexy to the sweet, from the scary to the angelic, there's a costume or set of costume accessories for everyone. These accessories are perfect for the DIY'ers who want to be daring and creative with their designs. Whether it's a wig or a hat, a mask or make up, our  party store has it. 

Stop in or shop on line to get all the best ideas to prepare you for Halloween.

Fall Party Supplies 0

The last official day of summer is just around the corner. And with a new season comes new party supplies and different reasons to celebrate.  From back-to-school, to the all-time favorite, Halloween, there's specialty classroom decor, Halloween party supplies, costumes and costume accessories and then, of course, Thanksgiving party supplies. For our Jewish friends there are specialty items for Rosh Hashanah and other fall holidays that bring families together.

In both the local party store in Glenview and the online store, there is already more activity as people gear up for these fall events.  Costume inventories are updated, store shelves are filled with fewer and fewer summer party supplies (though it is still 90 degrees out there today!), and more and more fall party supplies.  The theme of the store moves away from the bright colors of summer and more toward the beauty of fall colors reminiscent of falling leaves.  

Visit us today and see the change!

Halloween Party Store 0

Card & Party Giant has long been known as the local Halloween party store, and there is no doubt that this retail shop carries a large inventory of boys, girls, and adult Halloween costumes.  I know it is only August, but in order to get ready for the influx of orders and customers, the ordering and planning began about 8 months ago.  And before that there was a check of existing inventory.  The art of the deal is to find the sweet spot, and to know what it is about 6 months before Halloween.

For example, how can one know whether a summer box office hit will be the theme of this year's Halloween party goers? They can't, but they can guess, and when it comes to putting inventory on the shelves, they hope to get it right.  But getting it wrong can sometimes be good for the customer too because it means there are clearance costumes available all year long.

Card & Party Giant has one brick and mortar location, but its inventory is open to the entire U.S. of A. thanks to a little thing called the internet - which just happens to be celebrating its 25th anniversary today.  Internet changed the way we do business. Even local shoppers may first check out inventory online. Some even order ahead to have their items waiting at the store when they arrive.  Folks outside our shopping area can opt to ship their Halloween party supplies or any party supplies, for that matter.  

Get ready. We're planning now and soon will begin filling our shelves with the newest and cutest Halloween party supplies, costumes and costume accessories.  Sure the kids just went back to school, but we know they are already looking forward to their favorite holiday of the year! Halloween!!! 

An Olympic Party Event 0

The 2016 Olympic games being held in Rio began last Friday with a colorful and entertaining Opening Ceremonies.  But if you didn't host your Olympics party yet, there is still time. Next weekend includes several of the gymnastic event finals, sailing, archery, and water polo competitions. 

The Olympic games were first held in ancient Greece around 776 BC.  The games were dedicated to the Olympian gods and took place on the plains of Olympia, in the island of "Pelops", the father of the Olympic Games.  These games were both religious and athletic festivals and the competitions were between several of the city-states and kingdoms of Ancient Greece.

Modern era summer Olympics were inspired by the Olympic games held by the ancient Greeks. They trace back to April of 1896. These games were officially known as the Games of the I Olympiad. This multi-sport event included competitions among athletes from around the globe.  Though we are quite sure those games did not include a golf tournament or basketball competitions.

These days the summer Olympic games include representatives from almost every nation across the globe. There are a host of sporting events ranging from water polo and archery to gymnastics and swimming. In both the women and men's bike race competitions last weekend, some fairly serious casualties were experienced as racers took the treacherous turns in their final descents of the day's races. Yes, the games include an element of danger as well as competition.  

And for our local customers, there is cheering to be had for hometown swimmers Olivia Smoliga (Glenview) and Connor Dwyer (Winnetka).  

Enjoy the games. And if you are planning an Olympics party, stop by to check out our Olympic party decorations, pick up specially colored balloons, plates, napkins and more!  We're ready for your olympic event.  Only a few items are listed online. Many more are available in store.

August - 31 Days of Summer Partying 0

August. How did it get to be August already?  I feel like summer just started. But then I hear "August," and my brain screams back to school."  I'm not ready for that. We still have a full month of SUMMER before Labor Day and I'm gonna party like it's 1999. I'm gonna turn up the music, put on my dancing shoes, get out the music themed party supplies - oh yes there is such a thing - and celebrate summer, because there just isn't anything that can beat the heat like inviting your friends over for a summer party

Some of our friends live in complexes with swimming pool areas and enjoy a beat-the-heat relaxing night out.  We, on the other hand, have only a well-shaded yard that has just enough privacy to allow for a good time any time. All we need is a few well-positioned party supplies to brighten up the decor, a little music, some of the season's freshes fruits and veggies and we're ready for fun!

We're not ready to set the table with Patriotic party supplies for Labor Day. We still want to savor the sweet sunshine of summer. We want to sit and warm our faces in the sun. We want to cook outdoors and stay out until it's time to turn on the outdoor lights.  And we know a quick trip to the party store can add class and charm to any event. That's why it's good to know that Card & Party Giant, the local family-owned party store in Glenview is open 7 days a week for community customers and has an online presence for those who shop from afar.  

Happy Summer.  It ain't over yet!

Lazy Days of Summer Partying 0

This time between Independence Day and Labor Day are lazy days of summer. With no holidays to celebrate and high heat and humidity, it can be challenging to enjoy the great outdoors. Across the country, the past week and weekend temperatures have been higher than normal, making it difficult to think about outdoor celebrations that aren’t poolside. And, given all the pop up storms, even that was iffy. Nonetheless, for many of us, summer is the only time we can host an outdoor get together, attend an outdoor concert, or pack up for a picnic event. For us, summer parties are a treat that one does not miss the opportunity to host or attend.

Summer party supplies run the gamut. There’s brightly colored everyday dinner ware, Luau party supplies, beautiful floral or summer scene patterned plates and napkins, not to mention a full array of table coverings, martini and wine glasses, pitchers, serving trays - both reusable and disposable. Sometimes it’s difficult to decide on a pattern because there is so much to choose from. I prefer solid cups and table covers with patterned plates and matching napkins.  For an at-home outdoor party, adding a string of decorative lights or snapping some glow sticks around the railings as dark descends can keep your guests from feeling that it’s time to leave when the sun goes down. And by night fall it is generally cooler and much more pleasant to be outdoors. 

If you’re planning a summer party, please stop by and see what’s in stock. CPG is a family-friendly AIR-CONDITIONED party store that has a constantly refreshed selection of party supplies. Happy summer. Enjoy these lazy days…winter will be here before you know it!