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If you didn't cook out this past weekend, the likelihood is you attended a party where someone did. And surely you noticed that they had paper plates and napkins, disposable service ware and table coverings.  If you don't know why, it's time for YOU to host a party!

Hosting a party can take a bit of planning. You need to know the approximate number of guests to plan for food quantities. And you need to know whether you will need the heavy weight dinner plates when serving, oh let's say, meat - or just lighter weight smaller plates for the grilled veggies and desserts. Will you need serving trays, bowls, oversized tongs and serving forks?  Well, whatever you need, you will be happy to discover that the party store near me has just about anything and everything to make hosting a party easy for you and easy for your guests from start to finish.

Compared to others I know, I am not much of an entertainer, yet I personally hosted at least 4 events since Thanksgiving. I had a mother's day brunch for a group of about 10, I showered my sister and her husband with a small gathering to wish them well on their move across the country, I had friends over for a backyard cookout, and it's only July! Sure, it's not quite one event a month, but an event every couple of months does add up and I couldn't do it without the ease and simplicity offered by a quick trip to the local party store. There I can find an array of colors of disposable cups, seasonally-themed party decorations, plates and napkins, and various serving utensils that mean I don't have to worry about my utensils accidentally ending up in the trash. Trust me, it's happened before.  

And when it comes to making decorating easy, these days I see a trend of using balloons as a backdrop.  It makes sense, they are easy to move around, easy to dispose of afterwards, and offer a pop of color or design that will brighten up a room, a hallway, or entryway.  When tied lower on small weights they can serve as a perfect centerpiece.  Balloon bouquets are so popular and fortunately our party store has many choices, meaning there is sure to be something for everyone!  But perhaps more importantly, our party store has that extra-special touch - staff with the expertise to guide you in deciding how many balloons and weights will make for the best backdrop at your next event.  

Please stop by today and check out everything that our party store in Glenview has to offer. 

Hey Baby It's Hot Out There - Let's Party 0

Wow, a weekend in the 90's and it's only early June!  For those of us in the midwest, a weekend like that means grilling outdoors, enjoying a little sun, a little warmth, and the incredibly lush lawns and garden beds. And this weather is predicted to continue. So get on out to the party store near me and check out what we have to help you along with your summer backyard gathering. Whether it is a Father's Day bar-b-que or a 4th of July Independence Day bash we have the party supplies to spruce up your gathering and make it easy on the hosts.  

Throughout the summer so many opportunities are there for us to enjoy the great outdoors with picnics and backyard cook outs. And the very nature of these activities cry out for the need of easy-to-use tableware and serving platters and utensils. That's where we come in. Our party store has all the party supplies you need at some of the best values.  Best of all we have a very knowledgeable staff who are willing to help you craft ideas to make your party easy, affordable, and aesthetically pleasing.

Stop in today and see what we have in stock for you!

Happy Summer!

Sensational Summer Parties Need our Sensational Summer Party Supplies 0

When you think of the upcoming summer sensationals, are you thinking "graduation party" "summer party" "Patriotic" or just planning your first trip to the local beach?  No matter the occasion, the party store near me is the place to go for all your graduation party supplies, your Patriotic party supplies and your summer party needs, from paper plates and disposable servingware to a plastic table cloth on which you can lay out your picnic spread at the beach.

If you take your Patriotic party to the beach, not only are our red, white and blue plates and accessories a must have, but you can add paper flags for a little holiday flair this coming Independence Day.  No matter the occasion, no matter the time of year, or the day of the week, our party store is here to serve you and we have all the specialty items to make your local high school grad feel extra special. School colors and school logo balloons and/or napkins are in stock for the upcoming celebrations.  We're here to help make your parties a little easer to plan. Stop in - we're open 7 days a week to serve our customers.  And if you're in a hurry and what you want is available at the online store, order online and pick up in store!


Party Planning for Success 0

Party planning is an essential part of making a day a tremendous success. I usually start with a list.  Menu items first, grocery items second, and then what party decorations, tableware, service ware, etc is needed.  

The last party I hosted, I held a late afternoon / early dinner party that I billed as offering simple fare.  Guests contributed side dishes and I took care of meats and drinks.  Sounds simple enough, but it turns out that even if all you are doing is putting meats on a tray, you have to plan and you need party supplies

For example, once I realized that everyone invited planned to attend, I also realized that I did not have sufficient cutlery or a complete set of dishes to serve that number of people. So, I stopped at the party store near me, strolled the aisles for party decor.  I started in the solids, thinking that it would be best to pick up solid color plates and napkins rather than themed-party supplies. That way I could use them again throughout the summer. But once I strolled around the party store, I couldn't help myself. There were so many party decorations and designs that I just had to have. And soon my basket was filled with a tablecloth and matching beverage napkins for the table where drinks were to be set up, a set of dinner napkins, large dinner plates, the cool plastic ware that looks like real cutlery. As I started toward the checkout, I spotted the cups that matched the plates. So, of course, I had to have them. Then I picked up some small bowls for the dips. They're plastic, but not quite disposable - if you know what I mean.  

The event was for mother's day, so I counted out all the moms who were to be in attendance and headed over to the greeting card section, selecting special cards for each of my family and friends who were attending. I was starting to worry that I would overspend, but when all was said and done, I was very pleasantly surprised at how affordable it was to make the party easy on myself by lightening the cleaning load with paper plates, disposable napkins and cups. Best of all, when the party was set up and waiting for guests to arrive, I looked around and was very pleased at how everything looked.

So plan my friends. And when you do, put our party store on your list as the place to stop for all you need. 

The Best Party Store is the Party Store Near Me 0

The best party store near me is our local party store.  We've got a deep knowledge of our customer base - from the colors they will need for upcoming high school graduations - to their needs for party supplies.  Our friendly staff do a great job of catering to our customer's needs - whether it's any of the many balloon bouquets or the fancy balloon arches, they always know just what will work. You can hear them ask all the right questions and almost see the wheels turn as they plot out how to best serve the customer's needs.

When you visit the party store in our community, don't be surprised if they have suggestions to make things easier, better, simpler, and absolutely spectacular!  Right now everyone is thinking graduation. And the 2017 Graduation party supplies are on the shelves. There's also a selection of some party goods and balloons with the logo of our local high schools. And don't forget the face paints, hair accessories, masks, pom poms and all the rest so your graduating friend can quickly locate you in the crowd.  

Stop in today.  I promise, the party store near me is the best in town!


Cinco de Mayo 0

Uno, dos, tres, quatro.... cinco - Cinco de Mayo is almost here.  That means it time to start thinking about margaritas and Mexican fare.  This year it falls on a Friday night so we have no excuse to do anything but celebrate!  Party time.  

Whether you dress up to greet your guests wearing a Mexican sombrero and a black mustache or want Cinco de Mayo party supplies to set your table, the local party store is your first stop. There are scene setters, hats, flags, centerpieces, maracas, and tableware. Stop in today to see how to make a most colorful fiesta.

If you're looking for ideas for your Cinco de Mayo party, there's an array of sites online to help you plan. From authentic and traditional to simple, there is something for everyone.  Our Cinco de Mayo party is usually something easy, made special by the party decorations and accessories that we pick up at the party store.