Super Bowl, Valentines, Academy Awards . . . it must be February 0

Just when you think that the winter doldrums may be a little too much to bear, you flip the calendar to see that February holds lots of promise for social activity and partying.  This weekend many of us will gather with our friends or families for the annual Super Bowl event.  In some households, the tried and true serious football fans gather in one room while those who are there for the food cluster around in another room.  Super Bowl parties offer a chance to try seasoned favorites like those offered at NFL stadiums, or some unique offerings from various ethnic cultures or even a few daring folks who design their menu around the hometown teams.  Whatever you serve, wherever you go, the party store in Glenview is open on Super Bowl Sunday just like it is almost every other day of the year. So if you need a place for the last minute stop to pick up a Super Bowl party supplies form napkins, plates, party trays, or just about anything else your party may need, stop in!  Oh, and don't forget about the TOM BRADY Special - 25 cents off a Patriot's Balloon, slightly underinflated!

And while you're there, check out everything on display for Valentine's Day party planning. There's bound to be something to touch your heart. And it's not too early to pick up the Valentine Day cards that need to be mailed to family and friends. Let them know you're thinking about them. We know they will appreciate it.

And last, but not least, we're getting ready to lay down the red carpet for this year's Academy Awards celebrations. There are several Oscar-themed party accessories and decorations. We even have Oscars to hand out to your guests who do the best job in predicting the outcome.  


And the Winner is…Card & Party Giant’s Academy Awards Party Supplies 0

20160216_161217-1The Oscars will be awarded Sunday evening February 28th. It is a night of fashion that begins as attendees walk the red carpet. It is a night of intrigue and mystery as we wait to learn who the winner is. It is one of those parties that can be simple or elegant. And while I am not planning to make it a black-tie affair at home, there are oh so many wonderful Academy Awards party ideas to spotlight a glamorous evening for family and friends. Red, gold, black and white are the colors of the evening. The list of options for an Oscar party is limited only by your imagination. Popcorn buckets on the tables and movie-themed party drinks served in champagne flutes – like something iridescent to represent The Martian or a mysterious cocktail concoction for Bridge of Spies are ideas that jump to mind.  Perhaps you hold our at-home Academy Awards party on Saturday as a movie night where you show some of this year’s top movies so guests can catch up on the various contenders. Scene setters, centerpieces, gold and black star-shaped balloons, fancy hats, glasses and feather boas all add flair to an Academy Award party theme. Printable ballots for all the categories of awards are available online that allow your guests to complete and see how close they come to guessing the winners.  Card & Party Giant has a selection of statuettes for you to award an Oscar to the overall winner with the most correct guesses. We also have a terrific selection of Academy Award party supplies and we are open for 7 days a week to help our community prepare for a night to remember.