An Olympic Party Event 0

The 2016 Olympic games being held in Rio began last Friday with a colorful and entertaining Opening Ceremonies.  But if you didn't host your Olympics party yet, there is still time. Next weekend includes several of the gymnastic event finals, sailing, archery, and water polo competitions. 

The Olympic games were first held in ancient Greece around 776 BC.  The games were dedicated to the Olympian gods and took place on the plains of Olympia, in the island of "Pelops", the father of the Olympic Games.  These games were both religious and athletic festivals and the competitions were between several of the city-states and kingdoms of Ancient Greece.

Modern era summer Olympics were inspired by the Olympic games held by the ancient Greeks. They trace back to April of 1896. These games were officially known as the Games of the I Olympiad. This multi-sport event included competitions among athletes from around the globe.  Though we are quite sure those games did not include a golf tournament or basketball competitions.

These days the summer Olympic games include representatives from almost every nation across the globe. There are a host of sporting events ranging from water polo and archery to gymnastics and swimming. In both the women and men's bike race competitions last weekend, some fairly serious casualties were experienced as racers took the treacherous turns in their final descents of the day's races. Yes, the games include an element of danger as well as competition.  

And for our local customers, there is cheering to be had for hometown swimmers Olivia Smoliga (Glenview) and Connor Dwyer (Winnetka).  

Enjoy the games. And if you are planning an Olympics party, stop by to check out our Olympic party decorations, pick up specially colored balloons, plates, napkins and more!  We're ready for your olympic event.  Only a few items are listed online. Many more are available in store.