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Mario Brothers at the Olympics 0

At the 2016 Summer Olympics Closing Ceremony held in Rio, the Prime Minister of Japan did something entertaining and a little out of the ordinary for a country's official dignitary. Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, partook in a production whereby he began a journey in Tokyo. In Japan he was transformed into Mario of Nintendo fame, drilled through the earth and emerged from a warp pipe onto the Olympic stage in Rio de Janeiro. There he accepted the Olympic flag and official plans for Tokyo to host the 2020 Summer Olympics began.

In this part anime-part live performance, the Prime Minister surfaced as Mario, the iconic Japanese Nintendo feature, wearing the traditional red hat and returned the  Super Mario Brothers theme to the forefront. Mario-themed party decorations  have been popular since the emergence of the electronic game back in the 1908's. And, like Disney party goods or Super Hero costumes, have continued through today as a classic.  

If your child watched the Olympic Closing Ceremonies and suddenly finds him or herself with a desire for the Mario Brothers party goods, don't despair. Our local party store not only carries the paper goods, but also several Mario costume accessories, including suspenders and caps. 

Movie Themed Kids' Birthday Parties 0

We know that media influences our interests and the same is true for our children. The movies, television shows, and advertising for these movies and television shows influence the themes our kids want for their birthday parties. Disney Animation Studios and Pixar have a success story in releasing the movies that become immediate favorites.

The recent release of Finding Dory was almost followed immediately with requests for the Dory party supplies, just as Frozen generated interest in everything from the Elsa costume to the Frozen birthday party decorations about a year or so ago, and as every Disney Princess movie, Toy Story and Cars have done previously. Disney doesn’t have the only catchy themes. Recently we saw a resurgence of interest in Angry Bird party decorations and the old favorites like superheros, princess Sesame Street, Mario Brothers, Ninja Turtles, never go out of style.  These themed party supplies are not only colorful, they let your birthday boy or girl know that you are tuned into what they like.  If you’re planning a party for a child in the near future, be sure to check our party store in Glenview or online and see what we have to help you make your child’s day special.

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[caption id="attachment_6" align="alignnone" width="300"]Mario Bros. Party Supplies Mario Bros. Party Supplies[/caption] Card & Party Giant is now EXCLUSIVELY carrying Mario Bros Party Supplies! We have a huge selection of Mario Bros. balloons, plates, napkins, cups, pinatas, invitations, thank you cards, and more! Stop in at one of our Chicagoland locations in Glenview or Chicago or shop online!