Let’s Get Ready for St. Paddy’s Day 0

st-patrick-s-day-green-satin-top-hat-1You know it’s almost time to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day when shamrock shakes appear on the menu at your local fast-food restaurant. St. Patrick’s Day is celebrated in American culture with parades, green party decorations, green attire, and eating and drinking foods that either come from Irish culture or represent the color of the day. Shamrock shakes on the menu are our first reminder that it’s time to get ready; time to get St. Patrick’s Day party supplies. St. Patrick’s Day party decorations, St. Patrick’s Day party plates, napkins and drink cups are sure to brighten up any celebration. So, now’s the time! This year the holiday falls on the Thursday after Daylight Savings Time begins, so I’m guessing the “luck o’ the Irish” will be celebrated the following weekend to avoid the loss of an hour of party time!  Whenever you’re ready to celebrate, we are too. There’s an array of items for you to be “wearin’ of the green.” St. Patrick’s Day bow ties, St. Patrick’s Day suspenders, shamrock socks, and to complete your attire there’s a selection of lovely St. Patrick’s Day top hats. For a spectacular St. Patrick’s Day party, don’t stop at “wearin’ of the green.” With a little bit of green food dye or some creative planning, your table can be set with a selection of epicurean delights to match the color of the day. From guacamole to sandwich wraps made with green tortillas you can offer your guests holiday treats that look as enticing as they taste. If you want to keep it traditional, slow cooker corned beef and cabbage is easy to make and serve. Try adding asparagus or a salad to keep the green theme.  For a St. Patrick’s Day bar table, offer honeydew martinis made with vodka, midori and triple sec. And any light colored beer can become a green beer by adding 4 to 6 drops of green food coloring to the bottom of the glass before pouring. However you celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, Card & Party Giant has your party supplies. Just add people, music, food, and drink responsibly for a heck of a good time!