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bunnyEaster is considered by many to be one of the most important Christian holidays. It commemorates the resurrection of Christ and is associated with the rebirth of spring. Like most religious holidays, Easter is a time for families to come together and celebrate. Church services will be well-attended on Easter Sunday (March 27th) and later for the Orthodox Easter Sunday (May 1st). Families prepare traditional Easter dinners that often include lamb. The afternoon will include an Easter egg hunt for the children. Some families hide hard boiled eggs that have been dyed various colors; some place coins or candies in plastic Easter eggs; and others hide at least one golden egg, the finder of which is given a gift or special reward.  The Easter bunny delivers baskets of candies, colored eggs, and small treats. Easter decorations have vibrant spring colors and may include tulips or other spring blooms in their design. Easter baskets are generally woven and often decorated with ribbons, filled with colored Easter grasses atop which are chocolates and small gifts for the children. Jelly beans are a favorite to represent the eggs. They provide a brightly colored display at the bottom of the basket. For those who like to be silly and have fun with the Easter holiday, there are the most adorable bunny ear headbands or cute little ducky costumes. In our family, the basket also had at least two hard boiled eggs that had been dyed purple or blue or green or peach.  My siblings and I would find our Easter basket early in the morning, before our parents rose, and climb into one of the beds to “sort” the candies (translation: get rid of the black jelly beans).  We would stuff ourselves with chocolate before breakfast and then go back to sleep until time to get ready for church.  And while we didn’t really decorate the house for Easter, there were window decorations, Easter tablecloths, Easter napkins and the like that were part of our Easter tradition, just as they are for most folks today. Whatever you’re looking for, our party store is likely to have it in stock and available for pick up or delivery right to your door in time for your Easter celebrations.

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springThinking spring?  When I think spring, I think of warmer days, sunshine, gusty winds and occasional rain.  I picture the daffodils and tulips make their first appearances and the trees sprouting the early green buds that will later provide the canopy of green.  I think of early morning coffee on the deck or in the three-season room and I can hear the birds chirping their glorious tune of hope.  Growing up, my mom had us take the linens outdoors to air out just as soon as the weather warmed enough to allow it. Pillows were either hung on the backyard clothes line or assembled on the picnic tables.  And how does all this relate to a party store?  Well, I think spring is as much about preparing flower beds as it is about planning Holy Communion parties, wedding showers and the like.   Throughout the course of our history, June was wedding season and spring is wedding shower season.  There are so many beautiful elegant designs available for these wedding shower parties. The fancy plates and service ware are just the beginning. Streamers, banners, balloon bouquets, champagne flutes and an assortment of party favors can make any day special.   Another popular party theme coming our way soon is First Communion. Most children make their first Holy Communion during April or May when the weather is just warm enough to allow the children to form their processional outdoors but not quite warm enough to promise an outdoor party.  Families gather around the table where decorations and table ware, colored streamers and balloons help to set the scene for a picture-perfect event.   And while our Christian friends enjoy Easter as one of their major family gatherings, many of our Jewish friends will be preparing for Passover which occurs a little later in April this year. But whether it is Easter or Passover, the family meal is at the center of the holiday. Both offer families an opportunity for making memories they and their children and grandchildren will fondly recall throughout their lives. Other famously celebrated spring holidays include St. Patrick’s Day when people dress up, don Irish buttons, green suspenders, shamrock ties and the like – or Purim when people don their Purim costumes and gather with noisemakers to stamp out the evil Haman. Before you lose an hour of sleep on Saturday, March 12th, think Spring and check out our selection of floral designed napkins and tableware, St. Patrick’s Day party supplies, Purim costumes and Purim accessories, and all the other spring-themed party favorites.  

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Having an Easter party is fun, simple, and inexpensive! With just a few quick decorations, easter eggs, and Easter tableware, your home or office party can look great, be fun, and most of all not huge chunk of change. [caption id="attachment_20" align="alignnone" width="289" caption="Easter Party Supplies"]Easter Party Supplies[/caption]