Halloween is More than another Fall Event 0

Halloween is a holiday for young and old. It creates an excitement for kids and adults - especially young adults. Kids can't wait to select their costumes. It is a big deal. I see them wandering around the store trying on hats, checking out costume accessories like swords or tiaras.  They look at the super hero selection and many of them - even little ones - want to put on the mask of one of the candidates for president!  

Halloween is a day when it's okay to be different. No judgment - you get to be who you want to be. And stares are appreciated rather than avoided. The littlest youngsters look forward to costume parades at school.  Many young children can't wait for their parents to get home so they can go door to door for Trick-or-Treat. And older kids like to test the waters to see how many of us will help them fill a sack of candy.

Young adults also seem to look forward to Halloween, planning their costumes with the same attention as the youngsters who want to be super heroes. Young adults seem to want to call attention to themselves. Young ladies looking for sexy costumes, young couples looking for ways to dress up in fashion to show their connection. And unlike when I was younger, the parties aren't about bobbing for apples and voting for best costume, they are about having adult fun with libations and food, raucous laughter and late night bar crawls.  Yep times have changed, but the interest in Halloween just keeps growing.  

Be sure to check the party store website or stop by the store soon to get your Halloween groove on!


Did someone say Halloween 0

f you're like me, once you hear "October," you think "Halloween."  Can't help it. As soon as the temps start to change, the days get shorter, and the trees begin to show their fall colors, my mind is already on getting ready for Halloween. There are costume ideas to consider.  The party store has dozens and dozens of costumes to select from and even more costume accessories to explore.  And new inventory keeps on coming as the party store gets ready for the early bird shopper and the last minute shopper.  


This year's Halloween decorations range from down right frightening to the adorable. There are several cute ideas for classrooms and homes where small children reside.  Pumpkins and fall decor come in a variety of price ranges, quality and quantities.  There's even an entire selection of tableware just for the occasion.  

So if you're thinking Halloween, check out the party store in Glenview. We are sure to have something you want!


Halloween is in the House 0

We know it's almost time for Halloween. There are carmel apples and packaged treats in the grocery store.  Random pop-up Halloween stores dot the local horizon. Television commercials remind us to stock up and get our costumes ready.  And, here at the local party store - the one that's served the community not just for Halloween, but all year long, we're ready too. 

Our party store has everything you need for Halloween. We have costumes - online and in the store - and there is a great selection.  We have wigs, swords, knives, and all kinds of costume accessories.  There are masks - traditional and new patterns, faces and designs to represent the current political season, recent popular movie characters, and themes that are currently popular.

Whether it is scary, sweet, or sexy - we've got the costume and costume accessories to suit your taste.  If you don't see what you're looking for, just ask one of our friendly sales staff to point you in the right direction or help you find the best ideas for your Halloween costume.


Your Halloween Store 0

Halloween is just a little more than a month away and we're getting ready at the party store.  We know that each year children, young adults, and even older adults (who might otherwise behave in a fairly mature manner throughout the rest of the year) are caught up in the spirit of Halloween. For weeks they plan their Halloween costumes, look for all the best parties, add Halloween decorations to their windows, buy lots of candy, and generally get ready for the holiday that seems to often be accompanied by an atmosphere of reckless abandon.  After all, it is All Hallows' Eve!

Our party store has a tremendous selection of clearance costumes that you won't find anywhere else.  Throughout the year these items are often selected for theatre or dance. But come Halloween, it's all about the dress up!  From the sexy to the sweet, from the scary to the angelic, there's a costume or set of costume accessories for everyone. These accessories are perfect for the DIY'ers who want to be daring and creative with their designs. Whether it's a wig or a hat, a mask or make up, our  party store has it. 

Stop in or shop on line to get all the best ideas to prepare you for Halloween.

Costumes in July 0

CostumesI think one of the more surprising things for me when I started working for the party store in Glenview was the discovery that costumes sell all year round. Previously it hadn't occurred to me that people wanted costumes in July, for example. October, sure, but July!  Men's costumes, women's costumes, and children's costumes sell all year round.


Of course, after thinking about it, I recalled seeing little boys in their Spiderman garb and toddler girls in their favorite Disney princess dresses.It just hadn't occurred to me that a costume was available for purchase any time of the year.  Yet, costumes are among the top sellers for the party store.

Sometimes it is a costume for a themed party - other times it is a costume for a photo shoot, a dance party, and sometimes just for kicks and giggles! And the ability of some people to be creative with a selection of costume accessories never ceases to amaze me.

So if you are looking to fly at your next party, we have wings - angel wings or butterfly wings, some for kids; some for adults. If you're looking for a disguise there are wigs and make up and any number of costume accessories. The only thing you need do is search the online catalog and let your imagination soar.  

We’re ready for Easter at Card & Party Giant 0

bunnyEaster is considered by many to be one of the most important Christian holidays. It commemorates the resurrection of Christ and is associated with the rebirth of spring. Like most religious holidays, Easter is a time for families to come together and celebrate. Church services will be well-attended on Easter Sunday (March 27th) and later for the Orthodox Easter Sunday (May 1st). Families prepare traditional Easter dinners that often include lamb. The afternoon will include an Easter egg hunt for the children. Some families hide hard boiled eggs that have been dyed various colors; some place coins or candies in plastic Easter eggs; and others hide at least one golden egg, the finder of which is given a gift or special reward.  The Easter bunny delivers baskets of candies, colored eggs, and small treats. Easter decorations have vibrant spring colors and may include tulips or other spring blooms in their design. Easter baskets are generally woven and often decorated with ribbons, filled with colored Easter grasses atop which are chocolates and small gifts for the children. Jelly beans are a favorite to represent the eggs. They provide a brightly colored display at the bottom of the basket. For those who like to be silly and have fun with the Easter holiday, there are the most adorable bunny ear headbands or cute little ducky costumes. In our family, the basket also had at least two hard boiled eggs that had been dyed purple or blue or green or peach.  My siblings and I would find our Easter basket early in the morning, before our parents rose, and climb into one of the beds to “sort” the candies (translation: get rid of the black jelly beans).  We would stuff ourselves with chocolate before breakfast and then go back to sleep until time to get ready for church.  And while we didn’t really decorate the house for Easter, there were window decorations, Easter tablecloths, Easter napkins and the like that were part of our Easter tradition, just as they are for most folks today. Whatever you’re looking for, our party store is likely to have it in stock and available for pick up or delivery right to your door in time for your Easter celebrations.