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CPG can help Personalize a Local Graduation Party 0

schoollogodesignsCard & Party Giant, a local retail party store, caters to its community and offers great online service and selection for customers across the nation. When it comes time for local high school and college graduations, Card & Party Giant is the source for party decorations that demonstrate school spirit at the table and in the décor. In addition to napkins with logos for the schools featured in the accompanying image, you also can select items featuring the University of Illinois logo. And, for Glenbrook North and South, Loyola Academy and New Trier, there are mylar balloons featuring the school logo to create special balloon bouquets honoring your local graduate.  The napkin designs complement solid color tableware selections to add a special touch to your party.  The store also carries an array of graduation party supplies ranging from props and accessories for photos, to wear to school parties and to show your support at graduation, or to create an entertaining ambiance at the party you host in your home. If you have a special graduate and you want to make sure he/she sees you as they exit the processional, then we’ve got personalized banners that you can order.  Orders can be placed now or closer to the date of your event. Card & Party Giant is a full-service party store that serves local customers and online shoppers with the care that only a small family-owned business can give.  Visit us. We’re open 7 days a week for your shopping convenience.

Spring Celebrations are Just Behind this Cold Front 0

Grad_card_BoxIt’s hard to think about spring and the upcoming spring holidays and celebrations when Mother Nature is playing tricks with snow on the ground into the first full week of April.  But no matter the temps outside, soon enough the days will warm, the tulips will peek out from behind their dark green covers, and everyone will scramble to catch up in their prep for graduation parties, First Communion parties, and other spring celebrations.  Whether you are an early bird who wants to get started now or you prefer to wait until closer to the date, you can let our party store in Glenview help make hosting a party easier and prettier. Disposable napkins, plates, and tablecloths ease the demands on the person hosting a party.  First Communion and Graduation parties are no exception.  Card & Party Giant is well on the way to stocking many new designs and features for 2016 Graduation decorations and table ware.  Specialty ware with select school logos will soon be on the shelves and ready for families who want to make their graduation party especially personalized. In an upcoming blog post, we will highlight a list of local schools for which certain party goods will feature the school logo.  First Communion partyware designs for girls and boys are available and discounted. If you are thinking about specialty balloons or a customized banner, you can stop in to see the selections and designs available.  Orders can be placed now or closer to the date of your event. Card & Party Giant is a full-service party store that serves local customers and online shoppers with the care that only a small family-owned business can give.  Visit us. We’re open 7 days a week for your shopping convenience.  

Welcome Customers! 0

  springCard & Party Giant is a friendly, family-owned and operated business with more than30 years’ experience.  Located in Glenview, the party store serves its community with everything from holiday party decorations and seasonal party supplies to birthday party balloons and banners. Patrons from Evanston, Skokie, Northbrook, Wilmette, Des Plaines, Morton Grove, and various other local communities have discovered what Glenview residents have known for a long time – that Card & Party Giant is a great local party store. Until you cross the threshold, it is impossible to imagine how much this party store has to offer. Newer customers from Evanston and Skokie have shared their surprise at the size of the store. The inventory is vast and constantly changing. The people who work at the store engage in a never-ending cycle of rotating one season or holiday’s inventory with an upcoming season’s products. Holiday greeting cards are in a never-ending cycle of rotation from New Year’s to Christmas, from Valentine’s Day and Easter to Mother’s and Father’s Day, and from Halloween, Thanksgiving back to Christmas.  And, as party decorations from Easter are packed and stored, the graduation party supplies, First Holy Communion and the patriotic party decorations are on display to help patrons prepare for the spring and summer party season. If you’re hosting a party, stop in. We’ll be at Card & Party Giant on the west side of Waukegan Avenue, just south of Lake Avenue in Glenview. If you like our store and are a Google member, we’d love an online review.  As a small, local business, service is our business! We look forward to meeting new customers every day!  

Commencement Ceremonies 2016 0

We’re just getting ready to turn the corner on the spring holidays and head into graduation season.  In our community, there are commencement celebrations for elementary students moving into middle school, for middle school students moving on to high school, for high school students who will begin their college or career experiences, and for local college students. Every town, village, and city within ten miles any direction from the party store is having a graduation celebration between May 17th through June 17th (a list of commencement dates is at the end of this blog post). Graduation parties are a joyous, memorable time. Grandparents and parents gather round to mark the right of passage from one life phase to another. The children are happy because they know their summer break is about to begin, and almost everyone is excited about the prospects of moving on to something “bigger and better.” Planning a graduation party is easier today than ever before. You can visit our Card & Party Giant party store online to get ideas about what’s available. You can stop in the Glenview party store and check out the inventory that will fill the shelves as the Easter holiday party decorations and supplies are rotated off the floor and graduation party supplies take a place front and center! Card & Party Giant is your local party store for graduation party supplies with a large selection of 2016 Graduation party decorations, cards, balloons, custom banners, and more at the Glenview store. Call ahead for balloon orders and deliveries.  In addition to party supplies and other party incidentals, Card & Party Giant also has chairs and tables for rent, and offer a limited selection of local school logo party supplies (OLPH, Loyola, Glenbrook South, Glenbrook North). To help you plan, following is a list of local graduation dates: May 17th Oakton Community College (Des Plaines) May 22nd - Evanston Township High School (Evanston) May 22nd - Maine West High School (DesPlaines) May 22ndNew Trier High School (Wilmette) May 28th Loyola Academy (Wilmette) May 28thRegina Dominican High School (Wilmette) May 29th - Niles North High School (Skokie) May 29th - Niles Township High School  (Skokie) May 29th - Niles West High School (Skokie) June 1stOLPH (Glenview) June 2ndBaker Demonstration School (Wilmette) June 5th Glenbrook North High School (Northbrook) June 5th Glenbrook South High School (Glenview) June 7th - Ida Crown Jewish Academy (Skokie) June 17th Northwestern University (Evanston)    

We’re ready for Easter at Card & Party Giant 0

bunnyEaster is considered by many to be one of the most important Christian holidays. It commemorates the resurrection of Christ and is associated with the rebirth of spring. Like most religious holidays, Easter is a time for families to come together and celebrate. Church services will be well-attended on Easter Sunday (March 27th) and later for the Orthodox Easter Sunday (May 1st). Families prepare traditional Easter dinners that often include lamb. The afternoon will include an Easter egg hunt for the children. Some families hide hard boiled eggs that have been dyed various colors; some place coins or candies in plastic Easter eggs; and others hide at least one golden egg, the finder of which is given a gift or special reward.  The Easter bunny delivers baskets of candies, colored eggs, and small treats. Easter decorations have vibrant spring colors and may include tulips or other spring blooms in their design. Easter baskets are generally woven and often decorated with ribbons, filled with colored Easter grasses atop which are chocolates and small gifts for the children. Jelly beans are a favorite to represent the eggs. They provide a brightly colored display at the bottom of the basket. For those who like to be silly and have fun with the Easter holiday, there are the most adorable bunny ear headbands or cute little ducky costumes. In our family, the basket also had at least two hard boiled eggs that had been dyed purple or blue or green or peach.  My siblings and I would find our Easter basket early in the morning, before our parents rose, and climb into one of the beds to “sort” the candies (translation: get rid of the black jelly beans).  We would stuff ourselves with chocolate before breakfast and then go back to sleep until time to get ready for church.  And while we didn’t really decorate the house for Easter, there were window decorations, Easter tablecloths, Easter napkins and the like that were part of our Easter tradition, just as they are for most folks today. Whatever you’re looking for, our party store is likely to have it in stock and available for pick up or delivery right to your door in time for your Easter celebrations.

Purim Costumes for Boys and Girls 0

PurimPurim is only a few weeks away and already customers have started their shopping, looking for just the right Purim costume and Purim costume accessories. One young man selected a pirate costume, another a skeleton. Card & Party Giant has a fairly extensive selection of boys costumes, many of which are no longer available at other retailers.  The White Ninja costume, Spider Man, Captain Jack Sparrow costume, or other similar themes are available in various sizes.  There are also Superhero tee shirts that are not only a quick and easy way to dress up, but also can be worn long after the Purim holiday has passed. There are, of course, also plenty of lovely girls costumes from the beautiful Queen Esther to the Shabbas Queen, from the Gypsy Princess to the Daisy Hippie Tie Dye costume.  And don’t forget to check out the Superhero costumes that include none other than Wonder Woman, Catwoman, and Batgirl. For the do-it-yourself families, beards, bandanas, suspenders, socks, hats, etc. all are out on the floor so customers can see the large selection of Purim costume accessories.  We have the largest selection of Purim Costumes in Chicago for boys, girls, men, and women. We also have lots of fun and silly adult costumes. We carry dress-up and costume accessories for the Purim celebration. Stop by our Glenview store to see our year-round costume selection, discounted heavily for the Purim season, we guarantee to have the largest costume inventory at unbeatable prices.