Halloween for Less 0

halloweenforlessHalloween is perhaps one of the most favorite holidays for children and adults alike. Kids love to dress up and look forward to their day of trick-or-treating for candy, lots and lots of candy!  Adults look forward to the excuse to dress up any way they choose - to hide their true identities or reveal alternate ones.  Children’s Halloween parties, once known only for bobbing for apples and scariest costume contests, now run the gamut of entertainment. Musical chairs played to the scariest music, a Halloween version of Twister (available at Card & Party Giant), a backyard treasure hunt for glow-in-the dark eyeballs, pumpkin decorating contests; these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to party-planning. From the simple to the macabre, there’s something for everyone this season. And, of course, from the simple to the macabre, there’s something for everyone at Card & Party Giant in Glenview or at its temporary Halloween store in Chicago. Yes, as you can imagine, Halloween is anything but a minor holiday for a store specializing in party supplies. The on-the-floor inventory features seasonal party supplies, Halloween decorations, Halloween-themed party games, and costumes. Costumes range from traditional ghosts and goblins to super heroes or cute, funny, sexy, and other scary attire.  Wigs, masks, make-up, tee-shirt costumes, and a host of accessories are easy to find and come in a variety of colors, designs, etc.   The Glenview store remains family-friendly throughout the season.  But with Halloween just around the corner, Card & Party Giant also has a specialty Halloween for Less location at 6610 Sheridan Road in Chicago. This store operates throughout the month of October, offering a selective inventory of costumes and Halloween accessories. In fact, it will be your best place for adult-themed costumes, even though the store also has plenty in the way of children’s costumes.    

Happy Thanksgivukkah! Celebrate This Unique Holiday! 0

Thanksgivukkah in Chicago! Card & Party Giant is celebrating Thanksgivukkah! This year Thanksgiving and Hanukkah fall on the same day - this gives you a unique opportunity to celebrate Thanksgivukkah with creative Thanksgivukkah party supplies. Some are already celebrating the special holiday. A bakery in New York City is already making Thanksgivukkah Turkey Donuts - spiced pumpkin donuts stuffed with turkey and gravy! You can combine all the great aspects of Thanksgiving and Hanukkah into one. Try a turkey menorah, potato latkes with cranberry and sour cream, or cornucopia filled with Hanukkah gelt! Get all your Thanksgivukkah party supplies at Card & Party Giant in Chicago! [caption id="attachment_82" align="alignleft" width="441"]thanksgivukkah party supplies in chicago Celebrate Thanksgivukkah with Card & Party Giant: Chicago![/caption]