Cutest Costume of Halloween 2013 0

[caption id="attachment_78" align="alignleft" width="292"]Funky Punky Bones Child Costume Halloween 2013's Cutest Costume![/caption] Halloween 2013 is approaching quickly and most are heading out to the stores and online to make last minute Halloween costume purchases! After some intensive research on many different girl's costumes, Funworld's new 2013 costume "Funky Punky Bones" has grabbed out attention and is the winner for Cutest Halloween Costume for 2013! This costume has everything for Halloween a girl could want; a tad scary, colorful, and cute! Includes dress sleeve-lets, and tights! It is a great buy at $42.99 and most Halloween sites and stores have run out by now. A large inventory is still available at Card & Party Giant's website, Happy Halloween!