Planning a lovely party is easy


Few things are as calming as a morning rain. The gentle drumming of rain drops against the house are soothing, and the accompanying thoughts of how beautifully the garden responds give way to a morning smile. 

Waking up with a feeling of happiness is relaxing, and feeling relaxed makes it easier to plan for the coming events that include a bridal shower and a business meeting. The business meeting is easier to plan for insofar as it requires nothing more of me than sitting down and outlining a presentation.  The bridal shower, however, involves designing invitations, selecting a party theme, a trip to the party store near me, and getting the house ready for company.  

The bride likes sunflowers, and I checked the party store site online to see what was available. I didn't find anything that appealed to me, so I will ask the party store staff to make a special order with a design that I found. That is one nice thing about planning ahead - there's time. But more importantly, that is one of the very nice things about the party store near me - they will accommodate customers and as I have witnessed time and again, they will do whatever they can to help you plan a lovely party!

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  • Pat Markham
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