Northshore Graduation Celebrations

[caption id="attachment_28" align="alignleft" width="150"]Graduation Balloons Graduation Balloons Starting at $2.99[/caption] Recently I wrote about celebrating graduation – that right-of-passage from one stage in life to another.  Right here in our community I count more than a half dozen upcoming graduation events. If you travel across Glenview and Northbrook in the early part of June, you’re sure to see the joyous smiles of all the little five and six year olds making their kindergarten graduation walk at OLPH or Westbrook Elementary. And while the adolescents celebrating junior high graduation from Springman Middle School, Attea Middle School, or Maple Middle School may not cast the same gregarious smiles their younger counterparts wear on their special day, these middle school girls and boys will stand tall with pride as they contemplate their move into high school.  We also have the Class of 2015 graduating from Glenbrook North, Glenbrook South and Loyola Academy. How will you congratulate your graduate? Will it be with a box of chocolate or fudge? Flowers? Or, perhaps you want a customized graduation banner or graduation balloons to add a pop of color to your photos. Banners come in all sizes and shapes, with custom color and messages. Graduation balloons can be customized in assortments to match school colors. And, you can order them ahead of time for pick up or delivery right to your door.  Really, there is nothing easier! For my liking, balloons are easy, colorful, and reasonably-priced centerpieces. Balloon arrangements last for several days. Yep, balloons and banners are a welcome, colorful addition to any decoration donning the halls, backyards, foyers, and party rooms where you hold your graduation party this June. Our party store in Glenview congratulates and salutes all the fine young girls, boys and young adults who are members of the Class of 2015.  Best wishes to all our local graduates.

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