Mordechai and Queen Esther in Royal Finery

purimcostumesmallAccording to some, Purim is one of the happiest days in the Jewish calendar. It a time for dressing up and wearing masks, allowing an indulgence in the joy of the holiday with some anonymity. It is said that dressing up on Purim is a reminder that the outer appearance is a mask. Celebrating this festival opens up the possibility of getting behind the mask to discover who we really are. So, yes it is customary to wear costumes for Purim. And yes it is a holiday of self-discovery. The miracle of the holiday of Purim is about disguise and thus is commemorated with Purim Costumes and Purim Costume Accessories. Mordechai is one of the primary characters in the Book of Esther (the Jewish Queen who marries King Ahasuerus). On Purim one may dress up as Mordechai donning the King’s royal garments; for while Mordechai was not the king, it was he who sat in the king’s gate. Mordechai was a brave man, refusing to bow down to the likes of the evil Haman, a descendant of Mordechai’s ancient enemies. It was Mordechai who learned of the plot to kill the king. And it was Mordechai who was favored and rewarded by King Ahasuerus. Thus, costumes of regal finery are among Purim Costume favorites. Kings and queens top the list of Purim Costumes. Other main characters, such as the evil Haman may be depicted with Purim Costume Accessories that include beards or hats. Keeping with the disguise theme, animal costumes, tails, ears and noses are popular among the children as are the array of Purim masks available to allow one to hide his or her true identity. A hippie from the 1960’s is another popular costume idea made simply by adding glasses, long hair, bandannas or headbands, fringed vests or other costume accessories. Purim is also popular for another altogether different reason, and that is the Purim treats, Hamantaschen. Delicious triangular pastries filled with jam or poppy seed. They symbolize the Purim miracle. Some say they represent the shape of Haman’s hat; others say that the plain dough on the outside with the flavor hidden inside is another way of showing how we can be deceived if we only look at the outside. However you celebrate Purim, if you are in the market for a Purim Costume, need some Purim Costume Accessories, or just platters on which to place your Hamantaschen, visit our store or the party store website to see our complete collection.

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