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Card & Party Giant has long been known as the local Halloween party store, and there is no doubt that this retail shop carries a large inventory of boys, girls, and adult Halloween costumes.  I know it is only August, but in order to get ready for the influx of orders and customers, the ordering and planning began about 8 months ago.  And before that there was a check of existing inventory.  The art of the deal is to find the sweet spot, and to know what it is about 6 months before Halloween.

For example, how can one know whether a summer box office hit will be the theme of this year's Halloween party goers? They can't, but they can guess, and when it comes to putting inventory on the shelves, they hope to get it right.  But getting it wrong can sometimes be good for the customer too because it means there are clearance costumes available all year long.

Card & Party Giant has one brick and mortar location, but its inventory is open to the entire U.S. of A. thanks to a little thing called the internet - which just happens to be celebrating its 25th anniversary today.  Internet changed the way we do business. Even local shoppers may first check out inventory online. Some even order ahead to have their items waiting at the store when they arrive.  Folks outside our shopping area can opt to ship their Halloween party supplies or any party supplies, for that matter.  

Get ready. We're planning now and soon will begin filling our shelves with the newest and cutest Halloween party supplies, costumes and costume accessories.  Sure the kids just went back to school, but we know they are already looking forward to their favorite holiday of the year! Halloween!!! 

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  • Pat Markham
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