Halloween is More than another Fall Event


Halloween is a holiday for young and old. It creates an excitement for kids and adults - especially young adults. Kids can't wait to select their costumes. It is a big deal. I see them wandering around the store trying on hats, checking out costume accessories like swords or tiaras.  They look at the super hero selection and many of them - even little ones - want to put on the mask of one of the candidates for president!  

Halloween is a day when it's okay to be different. No judgment - you get to be who you want to be. And stares are appreciated rather than avoided. The littlest youngsters look forward to costume parades at school.  Many young children can't wait for their parents to get home so they can go door to door for Trick-or-Treat. And older kids like to test the waters to see how many of us will help them fill a sack of candy.

Young adults also seem to look forward to Halloween, planning their costumes with the same attention as the youngsters who want to be super heroes. Young adults seem to want to call attention to themselves. Young ladies looking for sexy costumes, young couples looking for ways to dress up in fashion to show their connection. And unlike when I was younger, the parties aren't about bobbing for apples and voting for best costume, they are about having adult fun with libations and food, raucous laughter and late night bar crawls.  Yep times have changed, but the interest in Halloween just keeps growing.  

Be sure to check the party store website or stop by the store soon to get your Halloween groove on!


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  • Pat Markham
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