Halloween, A Tricky Business

MinionIt is now less than two weeks till Halloween. Already costumes are flying out the door faster than a witch riding her broom stick into the night.  This early, most of the costume sales are coming from online orders – folks looking for something unusual, something old school, or perhaps something tasty like that cute hot dog costume that leaves me salivating for October baseball.  Oh wait, we’ve got that too thanks to the Chicago Cubs. The interesting thing about Card & Party Giant is that while it is a small local retail shop, it has an incredibly deep and diverse costume inventory.  Costumes are stored in the attic and every alcove of the store. They are stored on shelves above the everyday party goods.  I think if people were to realize just how many costumes are in the store, they would be shocked. It’s just like I think that once people step inside the doors they are shocked by the size of the store itself. Storing inventory must be an art form. I think those who design the system must have incredibly organized closets for surely these skills cannot be acquired in one place and not applied to the other. I have organized closets. However, truth be told, I don’t have “inventory” that expands beyond the capacity of my closets. Thus, I can move summer clothes to the spare bedroom closet, store winter coats in the first floor closet, and keep the everyday wear at my fingertips. It doesn’t take much skill.  It only takes a little leg work at the beginning of each season.  I move things around as and when needed.  It’s easy and I don’t mind. At the retail party store, the inventory is vast.  And, it takes people who know the importance of labeling, arranging, and storing things in a manner that makes them easy to find and always at the fingertip of the person working the floor. Truly amazing talents are behind the scene making it just as easy to respond to requests for the Sexy Robin Hood women’s costume or Marilyn Monroe outfit as it is to find as the boys’ Iron Man costume.

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