Goodbye Daylight Savings Time, Hello Fall

20151030_153932I remember when the end of daylight savings time was my most favorite day of the year. An extra hour of sleep! From the time I was a child I celebrated this day. I always wanted that extra hour of sleep. Now, throughout most of my life, the extra hour came some time before Halloween. You may recall, until a few years ago we did not turn our clocks back on the first Sunday in November. Rather we “fell back” on the last Sunday in October. But this year, when I realized that daylight savings time ended the day after Halloween, and that Halloween was on a weekend, I celebrated something more than that extra hour of sleep. I celebrated at the thought that this was just the right time for the extra hour, especially for Halloween party-goers and fun-loving couples. This year they had an extra hour to dance the night away, bob for apples (does anyone still do that?), or engage in a bar crawl and lose less sleep than at any other time of the year.  For this year their celebration ended on November 1st, the only 25-hour day this year. And now Halloween is over. Things calm down for a millisecond before the planning begins for Thanksgiving. And just like the end of daylight savings time is my favorite day of the year, Thanksgiving is my most favorite holiday of the year.  I promise that as you plan party decorations, place settings and tableware or think about who will be at Thanksgiving dinner, I will set your fancy with a series of articles featuring why Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. Till then, enjoy what remains of this 25 hour day.

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