Father - Dad - Pops - let's celebrate!

dadheroFather’s Day is next weekend and many of us will host or attend parties and celebrations to honor that special man in our lives. You may fire up the grill or go out to dinner and make a fuss to acknowledge your dad and recognize his role in your life. In my generation the role of the father was that of breadwinner and wise counsel. My father worked hard and was honored daily for his commitment to the family. This was demonstrated by our understanding that he needed a few quiet moments when he arrived home after work, by making sure he had the seat of honor at the dinner table, and by deferring to him in conversation. Growing up dad was my favorite. Mom was my rock, but dad - well, he was the one whose attention was something to seek and to cherish. I especially remember Friday nights when he brought home a few liters of soda and made something he called pizza bread for a snack. We chomped down on our pizza bread and gulped our soda while we watched the Chicago Blackhawks, the Friday Night fights, or a movie This was our time with dad and those Friday family nights are a cherished memory. Those days are long gone. I haven’t lived with my parents for more than 40 years. Recently, however, circumstances gave me an opportunity to spend some concentrated time with my dad. For the past several months we’ve spent a few days together each week. We run errands, watch television, and cheer on the Chicago Blackhawks. We dine together and have lots of opportunity to chat. In all, we are just reconnecting. It’s nice - really nice. This weekend one of my brothers is hosting a backyard barbeque for our dad. Everyone will take a dish to share, and dad will be the center of attention at his father’s day party. We’ll have greeting cards and gifts for him to open, but mostly it is about being with family and honoring our dad on this one day set aside just for that purpose. Dad, father, pops, pa, daddy – whatever you call that special man in your life, remember to let him know just how special he is this Sunday, June 21st. Happy father’s day to my dad, my husband, my son, and to all of you who are fathers!

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