Fall Colors Make for a Lovely Season

FallLeavesAs the weather turns, our thoughts move from picnics and beach parties to back-to-school, Major League Baseball World Series, football parties, and Halloween costumes. Autumn is a special time, especially in the Midwest. Evenings are cooler. Days are a little shorter. The bronze of sun-kissed skin begins to pale. Families with children resume a pace where activities begin in the late afternoon or on weekends.  And, perhaps we make the first of many pots of soup or chili. I look with anticipation for the changing of the leaves. I love their spectacular spray of color, a picturesque reminder that the days are getting shorter and it is time to keep a sweater nearby. Ever since my childhood days, fall has been my favorite season. I watch in awe as the trees change from green to yellows, red, and orange and then slowly lose their leaves revealing the skeleton that stands ready for the winter months.  And while I understand that dropping the leaves is a necessity for the tree’s survival throughout the coldest months, my sensibilities are tickled by the fact that trees undress to prepare for the coldest months while we layer up to stay warm. Looking at and photographing trees is a fascination with me. During my first photography class in 1979, I spent hours looking at and taking photos of trees from several angles, including lying on my back. One year I photographed a tree outside my window on the same day each month so that I could compare its appearance over time.  For many years I worked 10 miles east of here and would alter my route in the autumn just for the opportunity to drive past Harms Woods and take a peek at the changing colors.  Without fail, a tree changing color will bring a smile to my face. Hopefully you can enjoy the fall season. If it helps, Card & Party Giant has a new selection of fall party ware and decorations that are sure to bring color to your autumn events.  The festive patterns for dinnerware, napkins, and decorations are new for the season, many featuring my favorite – leaves in their fall color splendor!  

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