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Customer Service Before I became employed at Card & Party Giant at the end of 2014, it was more than 40 years since I last was in retail. Back then it was a sales and cashier position for a national women’s yellow accessoriesclothing chain. I worked on the second floor of the downtown Chicago store and was responsible for knowing the casual clothing line inventory. I helped stock racks and package damaged items for return. I rang sales and helped customers.  Working as a sales clerk and cashier taught me valuable lessons about how to treat customers, about the importance of knowing the store’s inventory, and to always check and double check when ringing a sale or making change. These are simple, sound principles that carry through whether you’re selling women’s clothing or party supplies. At Card & Party Giant, my primary role is bookkeeper. That means I spend more time in the back room than on the floor. Occasionally I offer assistance on the floor, but I know at least for the time being I lack the confidence of knowing the inventory. While it may be easy, for example, to learn where the “everyday” tableware is located, it has not been as easy for me to recall where to lead a customer looking for a specific birthday party theme. I also struggle with the seasonal items - patriotic party goods for Memorial Day or 4th of July, Luau party designs for a perfect summer theme, greeting cards that rotate based on the holiday, season, or event. Graduation decorations and balloons. Oh yes, and speaking of balloons, there’s packaged balloons, latex and mylar balloons that come in a variety of colors – including neon and patterns. There are sports-themed balloons, school logo balloons, licensed-character designs. And for the convenience of customers, they come in different sizes with options that include hi-float to keep helium inflated balloons for a longer period of time. Some of the Card & Party Giant staff can customize these expertly designed centerpieces using balloons and decorative holders.  I must confess, I am impressed! This has been an education for me. I learned that many people purchase dress-up accessories for their graduation parties, and have learned to identify the location for quite a few interesting accessories that are available in most of the local school colors. Things like oversized sunglasses, wigs, and temporary tattoos are apparent favorites. Parents also seem to favor banners to congratulate their son or daughter.  I discovered that piñatas ready to stuff with delicious candies and party favors are available in various sizes and designs. This store really has so much to offer! I am still perhaps the slowest helper on the floor (if and when called upon to assist), but at least I am learning and hope to one day be able to help out in a much more meaningful way because Card & Party Giant is really all about customer service. Until then, I can only continue to thank the customers for their patience and appreciation.

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