Costumes in July

CostumesI think one of the more surprising things for me when I started working for the party store in Glenview was the discovery that costumes sell all year round. Previously it hadn't occurred to me that people wanted costumes in July, for example. October, sure, but July!  Men's costumes, women's costumes, and children's costumes sell all year round.


Of course, after thinking about it, I recalled seeing little boys in their Spiderman garb and toddler girls in their favorite Disney princess dresses.It just hadn't occurred to me that a costume was available for purchase any time of the year.  Yet, costumes are among the top sellers for the party store.

Sometimes it is a costume for a themed party - other times it is a costume for a photo shoot, a dance party, and sometimes just for kicks and giggles! And the ability of some people to be creative with a selection of costume accessories never ceases to amaze me.

So if you are looking to fly at your next party, we have wings - angel wings or butterfly wings, some for kids; some for adults. If you're looking for a disguise there are wigs and make up and any number of costume accessories. The only thing you need do is search the online catalog and let your imagination soar.  

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  • Pat Markham
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