Cinco de Mayo Party Ideas

[caption id="attachment_117" align="alignleft" width="150"]cincodemayo Cinco de Mayo[/caption] If we lived in Mexico, soon we would prepare for parades featuring folks dressed in Mexican and French soldier costumes.  We would polish our shoes to participate in a zapateado or jarabe as our local mariachi bands tuned up for a day of entertainment and celebration. And on the fifth of May we would proudly remember the victory of 1862 that occurred on Cinco de Mayo. The Battle of Puebla, when the Mexican army was successful against French forces, was mostly a symbolic victory, and much like the battle itself, Cinco de Mayo has come to symbolize Mexican unity and pride. Across the United States, many Mexican Americans, their friends, colleagues and families also will enjoy a day of parties and fiesta for Cinco de Mayo. Cinco de Mayo party ideas include decorating in the colors of the Mexican flag. Red, white and green balloons, streamers, banners, flags and flowers are part of the historic backdrop to any Cinco de Mayo celebration. Our local party supply store  has a great selection of everyday plates, napkins, cups, customized banners and balloons to set the stage for your Cinco de Mayo fiesta.  And if your party includes margaritas, check out our supply of drink glassware, colorful napkins and party hats.  Card & Party Giant in Glenview has what you’re looking for.

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