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This year Chanukah begins on December 24th, otherwise known as Christmas Eve, the day that our Christian friends will be starting their Christmas holiday celebrations.  a Friend on Facebook asked for ideas on what to call it when Christmas and Chanukah are celebrated on the same day. Some suggested Chrisnukkah or Channumas and the overwhelming support (meaning mine) was for Channumas. After all, Chanukah starts on the 24th, the day before Christmas. Thus the Chanukah part should precede the Christmas part of the combined holiday.  

But I digress, because no matter the holiday you celebrate, Christmas or Chanukah - of even  Channumas, in the party store business, we know you are going to need some party supplies. Chanukah decorations, Christmas decorations, gift wrap, specialty balloons - all in stock. And I do believe that each year the designs get more and more adorable, making it hard to select your favorites.  

In our household we celebrate Chanukah. I've already purchased my supply of Chanukah plates for the latkes that Papa fries up to fill the belly of his granddaughter.  Yes, I am ready for the holiday. I've already purchased the Oy to the World napkins, Chanukah gift wrap for the presents, and Chanukah window decorations are ready to brighten the background for the holiday season.  And while we celebrate Chanukah in our home, that doesn't mean that I don't find myself at many Christmas parties as well, and thus I have also purchased Christmas gift wrap and Christmas napkins and paper plates to take to these events.  

Our party store in Glenview is there for our local neighbors - open seven days a week to help you with all your last minute holiday shopping needs.  Please stop in (except for Sunday, December 25th and Sunday, January 1st when we will be closed for the holidays).  


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  • Pat Markham
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