Celebrating Graduation Season in Chicago

graduation party supplies chicagoEach year as spring rolls around, and particularly once spring break is behind us, communities across the nation will prepare to celebrate their child's upcoming graduation. This special rite-of-passage is celebrated for children entering and finishing high school and often at several points in between. Children may feel a sense of relief as they think about the upcoming end of school year and graduation parties. They likely already are looking forward to summer break. But with spring in the air, it's graduation party planning and graduation party supplies that captures the attention of parents along the northshore. Pretty place settings, napkins and plates - all in their child's school colors - are pictured at party tables adorned with festive balloons and centerpieces. Mom knows someone will feel compelled to raise a glass to salute her child's accomplishments, and she wants everything to be perfect from the decorations to the gift wrap. There's a special place for grandma who is sure to present a greeting card with just the right sentiment and (hopefully) a little something extra to make her grandchild's day. Yes, graduation is a rite of passage. It is the end of one stage of life and the beginning of another. It is a time to celebrate what has been accomplished and the perfect opportunity for parents to let their pride show for what their child has accomplished. All of us appreciate a kind word of encouragement; an acknowledging pat on the back. This is especially true for children. They seek affirmation for the milestones they achieve, from kindergarten to college. And, whether they admit it or not, they appreciate having a day when all eyes are on them, celebrating and supporting them. As they walk across the stage or stand in line with their classmates, they will look out across their field of vision to find those who are there for them - that one special member of the graduating class of 2015. This is their day. They will not waver in their belief that they are ready for whatever life has to offer. Even if this bravado is temporary or false, for this moment it belongs to them. This is their moment and they are ready to be celebrated. Congratulations to the 2015 graduates in our community. Pat Markham, Bookkeeper Card & Party Giant

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