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Parents and students are preparing themselves (if they are not already back-to-school) for the back-to-school frenzy that marks the end of summer.  Once upon a time no one went back to school before Labor Day. Now, back to school happens any time from early August until September.  A party store has only very few items that might interest a back to school parent. However, the local party store is a great place for teachers to stop in and check out the items that they can use to spruce up the classroom and make it as welcoming as possible for the students who will soon occupy the tables or desks, walk the halls, and present themselves for PE and lunch time socializing.  

Okay, good enough for the teacher and the back-to-school goers. But what about the rest of us - well we're still holding out for the Labor Day Weekend with the hopes that we'll be invited to bang up end-of-summer bash.  I love parties (especially those that I don't have to plan).  I am looking forward to the Labor Day party where one of my friends will host a group to give us one last chance to grill outdoors. I'll be happy to stop and pick up the party plates, napkins, and tableware at the local party store, "cuz that's just what I do!"  

Whether it's back to school or Labor Day weekend fun, enjoy!

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  • Pat Markham
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