April Showers


Whether it's for a baby or a bride, April seems to be the beginning of the shower season. Personally I am invited to three during the spring season. Today most folks know the gender of the descendent soon to enter this world, and their baby shower is themed accordingly.  There are also gender reveal parties. We have had a few customers offer to bring in their container and the letter that reveals the gender for the party store to package an "It's a Girl" or an "It's a Boy" balloon bouquet.  

The many themed-parties are an interesting newcomer on the scene. Whether it's the "home opener" for the Chicago Cubs, a reveal party, a baby shower, a bridal shower, or birthday parties to coincide with a specific decade of bye-gone days - you know like the all-too-favorite 60's party theme-  there will be something at the party store to help make it easy for you to host the perfect event. 

In our house, it's hockey and with playoff season upon us, we may wish to put out our Blackhawks napkins.  But in your house it may just be preparing for Easter and looking for the items that help finish your child's basket with colorful eggs, sweets, and small party favors.  

Whatever it is you are planning, please stop by our party store and check out what we have for our customers.  

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  • Pat Markham
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