And let the Awards Begin


Roll out the red carpet and get ready because this year's Oscars are going to be a spectacular event.  This Sunday most of us will gather in front of the televisions and make our best guess for who will be best actor - will it be Ryan Gosling for La La Land or Denzel for his outstanding role in Fences (I guess I gave away who my choice is).  

Before you and your family and friends gather for the Oscar party, stop by the party store. You will be amazed at all the cleverly designed Oscar party supplies that we have for you.  There literally is a red carpet that you can roll out so that when your guests arrive in style, you are ready for them.  There are trophies and director's cut dinner plates, centerpieces, and popcorn boxes.  Your friends will delight in the Hollywood Star runner across the kitchen floor, or the camera swirls hanging from the ceiling.  

Come on, let's have a real party this Sunday.  But first, stop by the local party store and stock up on all the items that invites your guests into the inner sanctum of the Oscars. 

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  • Pat Markham
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