A Mother's Day Remembrance

50238Mother's Day is just around the corner. In all likelihood if you have children aged five or older you already own a precious coupon book with promises to do certain chores. Your wall is adorned with a plaster imprint of your child's hands probably done sometime during the kindergarten year.  And, I'm guessing the kids are already starting to whisper in dad's ear with ideas for how they will celebrate you on May 10th. In my family, we celebrated Mother’s Day with simple traditions. There may have been a small gift, perhaps a bouquet of flowers, some balloons, Mother's Day cards, or hand-made coupon books. Often the day began with breakfast specially prepared by the children and served before the parents got up. And whether store bought or hand-made, the cards and gifts from the children were a special treasure. My mom saved most of her cards over the years, even those received from her adult children. And believe me she had plenty of cards as I am one of eight children! Personally, while I did not have the pleasure of such a large family, I did receive some lovely cards from my sons over the years, and I continued the tradition, of saving many of these notes and cards given by my children. One Mother’s Day card I have and keep dear was from when one of my sons was a young teenager. He gave me the most beautiful Mother’s Day card I had ever seen. The sentiment was so touching that tears welled up in my eyes as I read it. And now for the stinger - when I told my son how much I loved the card and how it made me feel, he, in typical teenage-boy oblivion, told me he didn’t know what the card said! He just liked the picture. I had an awakening; he got a life-lesson lecture. After explaining that most women read read a card and believe it was picked it out especially for them, I stressed the importance of reading the card himself, especially one bought for a girl in his life. He may not have intended the sentiment expressed in the greeting card, but he gave me a lasting and fond memory. To this day I get a good laugh when I come across that Mother’s Day card.  I know that whether he read the card or not at least he thought about me. He made the effort of going to the store and bought a card for me. He made my breakfast and spent the day with me. And for all those things and oh so many more I am a grateful mother. For all moms out there, I hope this Mother's Day is a truly special one for you.  

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